Thank you for choosing to read my blog.  This blog is dedicated to discussing mental health from a standpoint of those that are undiagnosed.  This could be a family member of someone who is diagnosed that needs to talk and needs resources/education material…it could be a person that has been misdiagnosed and just needs some answers as to why they feel the way they do.  Mental health is not easy and it doesn’t define who we are.

When I decided to do this blog I was sitting in front of the TV and an ad came on a sports channel I was watching.  I was floored.  One of the places that try to cover mental health the most is the sporting arena.  Many professional teams probably feel as though they need to make money and if they expose the “hidden secrets” of those on their highly successful teams, it may corrode their reputation.  This is sad to me because we are all flawed.  We can all grow.  I think this ad is a step in the right direction for sports.

Please feel free to comment and let’s discuss your feelings of mental health in sports!

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