How are you? — I’m fine

I copied this picture from Instagram.  Carolebarbiere posted it and I then reposted it on Instagram.

How many of you have this response when people ask you how you are doing?  I do.  I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, so I believe no one needs to / wants to TRULY hear about my problems.  Life is messy.  Of course no one wants to hear about my problems.

But that is completely not true.  I do a lot of praying when I get like this.  In my car.  In the shower.  Really any where.  I don’t talk to people per se…I talk to God.

I have learned to trust my husband more and I am able to have conversations with him, but sometimes I feel like he will judge me (even if I truly know he won’t).  It’s my head making up things.  But as someone who has mental health issues, I need to always know that God will listen.

So…who do you trust?  Why do you trust them?  Would you like to chat?  Shoot me a message or comment below and I will listen!!

Have a beautiful day!


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